The Pinnacle-Flo pump selection program allows you to select and evaluate the best pump to suit your specific requirements.

The first step in pump selection is to describe the pump’s requirements. This includes information on the pump design point (head and flow), along with synchronous speeds. After the pump requirements are entered, the program searches and displays a list, showing all pumps meeting your requirements. The selection list can then be sorted by pump size, NPSHr, efficiency and power consumption to simplify your comparison.

A pump curve can be generated showing pump head, efficiency, horsepower and NPSHr as a function of flow rate. An information box displays additional information about the selection. Impeller diameter, speed, shutoff head, maximum horsepower, BEP, minimum flow, motor data and much more information is displayed.

Your selection can be further defined by selecting from a list of more than 120 chemicals to be pumped. Specific gravity, viscosity and temperature can also be specified allowing you to get the most precise pump information available.

Simply click on the pump selection prompt, log in and select all of your pump needs. All selections can be saved, printed or e-mailed. Log on as often as you like.

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