Our Quality

The quality of our products is unsurpassed.  From a project's inception, it receives critical analysis in all aspects of the manufacturing process.  Every step has been streamlined to guarantee top quality at peak efficiencies.  Our product will meet or exceed your customers standards and expectations.  The quality of our products may only be surpassed by the quality of our friendly and knowledgable sales staff.  With decades of experience in the industry, no question or design change is too complicated.

Our Value

At Pinnacle-Flo, Inc., we continuously manage our costs to maintain our competitive edge in the marketplace.  We manufacture our products in accordance with higher standards and ethical codes to ensure the highest quality while meeting the strictest customers' demand.  We are constantly updating and adapting our manufacturing technology to offer an elite product at a competitive price.  Pinnace-Flo maintains the highest level of accuracy in our drawings and are well known for our quick and accurate quote turnaround.