The PINNACLE - FLO 8896 ANSI Process Pump is designed primarily for the chemical & process industries, which have a variety of corrosive process conditions.


                                     Series Specifications
 Max Capacity  6000 GPM/1364 M3/Hr 8896 ANSI
 Max Head  730 Feet/223 M
 Max Temperature 700 oF/372 o
 Max Working Pressure 375 PSI/2586 kPa/26 Bar 
 Material of Construction  Carbon Steel, 316SS, CD4MCU, Alloy 20, Hastelloy B & C

Models & Sizes

ST1          MT1/LT1          XLT1           
 1x1.5-6  2x3-8  6x8-13
 1.5x3-6  3x4-8  8x10-13
 2x3-6  3x4-8G  6x8-15
 1x1.5-8  1x2-10  8x10-15
 1x1.5-8LF  1x2-10LF  8x15-15G
 1.5x3-8  1.5x3-10  8x10-16H
   2x3-10  4x6-17
   3x4-10  6x8-17
   3x4-10H  8x10-17